Justin Bieber’s Christmas Album Will Feature All Original Songs

It’s going to be a Bieberlicious Christmas! Don’t worry about trying to stay out of the cold this holiday season because this holiday season is going to be filled with Bieber Fever. News has circulated that Justin Bieber will be recording a charity Christmas album this year, and the album will be comprised of original songs. How do we know about this? How you find out about anything important these days…we looked to Twitter. His manager, Scotter Braun, tweeted about the news last night, saying “This christmas album is amazing. might be the best album yet. all originals…soon 2 b classics. every1 i play it 4 is blown away.”

If you’re like me, you were initially shocked and then highly intrigued. I didn’t know the Biebster had it in him. This is quite the endeavor he’s taken upon his teen shoulders. I mean, I honestly can’t think of any major Christmas albums. Various artist and producer tweets indicate that Bieber recently co-wrote and recorded a song with Taylor Swift, and another with Sean Kingston, so if these are set to be in the upcoming Christmas album then it’s a safe bet that it won’t be a total flop.

One could say this is an opportunity that could either make or break his ever-growing career, but if I’m being honest I’d say he’s going to be just as popular, regardless of album sales. Tweens and adults alike can’t get enough of this guy, so a less-than-popular Christmas album attempt isn’t going to stop them from going gaga every time he flashes a smile in their direction. Granted, if he succeeded he’d be more respected in the music industry for accomplishing such a feat, but the people are going to love him either way. Bieber Fever is sweeping the nation and there doesn’t seem to be any cure. In the meantime, let’s think of fun titles for the album. How about — Jingle Bieber?

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Source: VH1