Justin Bieber’s Freshman Year Study Plan For College

justin bieberBeliebe it or not (see what we did there?) Justin Bieber is now officially a high school graduate. That’s right — somewhere in between all those record releases, fragrance campaigns, stadium-filled concerts and being a Canuck, this 18-year-old pop singer managed to earn his high school degree. Does anyone else feel extremely lazy right now?

“I passed my test – I’m free,” Bieber recently told the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph. “It was hard doing school and work every day.” And though teen heartthrob has already decide he won’t be jumping on the college bandwagon anytime soon, we thought it would be fun to draw up a list of courses he should take during his freshmen year. You know, just in case he ever changes his mind.

Course: Intro. To Public Relations

Professor: Dr. Usher

Description: A superstar should always be thinking about their public image. From what products they wish to sponsor to how much gel they put in their hair, it’s extremely important to portray a positive image to the press. Who better to show Bieber the ropes than his old mentor — how do you think he got all that swagger in the first place?

Course: Advanced Level P.E.

Professor: Dr. Taylor Lautner

Description: It’s alright to experience the Freshmen 15 as long as it’s 15 pounds of muscle. Stick with this ab master and the girls will be lining up across the block just to get a glimpse of that sizzling six eight pack. You think Bieber Fever was bad before? You ain’t see nothing yet.

Course: Intro. To Public Speaking

Professor: Dr. Neil Patrick Harris

Description: Public speaking is a bit of an art form in itself, and absolutely nobody does it better than NPH (that’s Dr. NPH to you). It’s no coincidence this guy keeps getting asked to host every award show known to man. He has a great stage presence and natural charisma that Bieber would come to find very useful during his time in the spotlight. A few coaching lessons from Dr. Horrible and he’ll have the public eating out of the palm of his hand.

Course: Fashion 101

Professor: Dr. Tim Gunn

Description: Whether you’re glamming up to dazzle on the red carpet or keeping it casual during a TV interview, Dr. Gunn will teach you how to look like a million bucks 24/7 (yes, even while you’re sleeping). Those terrible paparazzi photos are a thing of the past. Whatever style trends you prefer, this guy will make it work.

Class dismissed!


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