Justin Bieber’s Ode to Mom: ‘Turn To You’ — LISTEN

justin bieberJustin Bieber may be a worldwide singing sensation that makes most of the female population swoon, but that doesn’t mean he still isn’t a Mama’s Boy at heart. The pop singer quite literally sing’s his mom’s praises in a Mother’s Day dedication song called “Turn To You.”

“The song i wrote for my mom #TurnToYou hits ITUNES this Friday for Mother’s Day Weekend,” the 18-year-old star tweeted on May 9. “Money raised will go to helping other single moms.” Throughout the song, Bieber thanks his mother for everything she’s done and given up for him since his birth in 1994. Let that sink in for a second.

And while the single may not reach a Bieber Fever pitch like his new hit song “Boyfriend”, it will probably get your own mom to ponder why you can’t “be more like that nice Justin boy.”

Listen to the audio below and see for yourself:


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