Justin Timberlake Returns To Music in ‘Role Model’ Video

For years the world has begged Justin Timberlake to rejoin the music industry ever since he decided to trade in his iconic pop star status for a career in acting, but now that it’s finally happened I’m left feeling slightly disappointed. JT’s appearance comes courtesy of FreeSol, a rock/hip-hop band whose new album Timberlake produced. The band’s music video for their latest single “Role Model,” features the In Time star rapping in a decrepit building while associating with a less-than-hygienic-looking crowd. “Tacky” is the word that instantly comes to mind and the fact that it’s all done in black and white somehow makes it even less aesthetically pleasing. Some songs are able to pull off the whole black-and-white look if the lyrics are strong enough to carry it through, but this one just doesn’t have what it takes to make it work. Plus the overall tone and feel of the song itself just doesn’t appeal to me in the way that most of JT’s other songs have in the past. Sadly his pop/techie rhythm that he’s famous for is nowhere to be found throughout the entire clip. If he’s trying to bring sexy back he’s going to need to try a little harder because if he intends on producing this kind of material, I think I’d prefer him to just stick with acting (a sentence I never thought I’d say). But if you were a fan of his new sound then you’ll be happy to hear that Timberlake guest starred on three other songs for the record, so chances are good that you’ll be seeing him again. Check out the music video below and see what you think:

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Source: NY Mag