Justin Timberlake’s New Song ‘Suit & Tie’ is a Cacophony of Sound — LISTEN

Justin Timberlake

Finally, Justin Timberlake has listened to what the people want. And that is for him to stop acting and start doing what he’s really good at: singing. And on Sunday, the multi-hyphenate unveiled his newest single — the first since 2007. And clocking in at 5:27, this is certainly a lot of song all in one. Actually, it at times sounds like three different songs at once. Let’s discuss, shall we?

The song is called “Suit & Tie” and features the much-speculated guest, rapper Jay-Z — though his wife and other rumored collaborator, Beyonce, is nowhere to be found on the track. The song discusses Timberlake’s desire to show his woman a few things about love, and it is because of his suit and tie that he is impossible to resist or something (I mean, I get it: have you seen the man in this aforementioned get-up? The man can rock formalwear like nobody’s business). The song sounds like a new theme for How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney Stinson.

Wearing a suit and tie sounds like a sort of armor for Timberlake — it makes him leave “it” all on the floor tonight. What is it? Is that Timberlake’s career? His acting ambitions? The other songs that end up creating this weirdly disarming tune? Seriously — what is it, Justin? We need to know! Perhaps his ability to love all the women that throw themselves at him makes him some sort of guru? Unfortunately for the song, all those ideas about love and relationships lead to one heavy-handed and over-the-top tune. Hey Timberdork, we need answers.

The track starts out creepy enough, with loads of disonent noises and altered vocals. It then jumps into an R&B jam with an almost big-band vibe at the end. This…is a lot of song. And honestly, if you’re a little bit pissed off that you wanted 5 years for this, well, no one would blame you.

Perhaps one of the most confounding thing about the tune is its lyrics, which includes highlights such as “so thick / now I know that’s why they call it a fatty” as well as a few choice lines from Hova himself, including his opening one: “All black at the white shows.” What does any of this have to do about love and leaving “it” in the floor? Why are musicians always trying to leave things on floors? Don’t they understand it’s rude to not pick up after yourself? Listen, J, I know you’re probably rusty: music has certainly been your back-burner beat for awhile now. But still: what happened to the greatness of terribly-named FutureSex/LoveSounds or even Justified? You shine when you’re in top crooning form, Justin. Go take a couple lessons from Robin Thicke and let’s pretend this all never happened, eh? We’ll let you try again. It seems only fair. There’s potential here, but it feels incredibly jumbled. Especially for a comeback single.

Take a listen below to make up your own mind:

What do you think of the new Timberlake tune? Let us know in the comments!

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