Justin Timberlake’s ‘Suit & Tie’ Lyric Video Teaser Is So Not Enough JT

justin timberlake suit and tie teaser

It has become abundantly clear in the past few weeks that Justin Timberlake has mastered the art of the tease. First, Timberlake teased us with a tantalizing tweet, “Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 9:01 am PST.” And one clue led to another when, on the promised date, Timberlake revealed a video that ended dramatically with the words “I’m ready” and a countdown clock. The clock counted down for three days and, finally, Justin gave us something real to hold onto: an actual song. His first single in six years.

While “Suit & Tie” divided fans and critics, everyone could agree that it was a good thing JT was back in the studio — and we all couldn’t wait to see what else he had in store for us. On Wednesday, we got a hint. Another frustrating, tormenting, invigorating hint. In order to hook us once again, Timberlake released just 30 seconds of a “Suit & Tie” lyric video that will air in its entirety on MTV Thursday morning. Come on, Justin. Stop stringing us along!

Besides Timberlake’s fondness for Tom Ford (yeah, we saw you flash that tie label) this teaser doesn’t show us anything we don’t already know. Because duh, saying Timberlake looks good in a suit is like saying the sun rises in the east. It’s a fact. But the worst part about this appetite-whetting 30-second glimpse is that it teases only yet another piece of the puzzle. Thursday morning will bring the lyric video for “Suit & Tie,” not the real music video. For that, we’ll have to wait a little longer. 

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