Justin Timberlake Doesn’t Dance Nearly Enough in His ‘Take Back the Night’ Video

Credit: RCA

There are very few things we like more than a new Justin Timberlake music video — off the top of my head I can think of snow days, Funfetti cake, and dogs dressed as superheroes. And you know why? Because the man can perform. Timberlake released the video for “Take Back the Night” on Tuesday, and our hearts were all aflutter with titillating anticipation. “Suit & Tie” was slick and stylish, “Mirrors” was heartfelt and profound, what would “Take Back the Night” bring to the table? We hoped it would be dance

This is an upbeat ditty, after all. It’s got a disco-infused rhythm, syncopated percussion, and even a section where JT asks us to “break it down.” That means he’s got to break it down for us on in the dance department, right? Wrong. 

While Timberlake teases us with a few smooth slides and has a darling dance-off with a budding young breakdancer, he never fully lets it all loose. There are no extended dance breaks, no real choreography, and his go-to move seems to be the lackluster sideways moonwalk. I know you can do better than this, Justin. I’ve seen you do better than this. Why so shy?

Next time, I expect at least four consecutive eight-counts of choreo. 

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