Kane Richmond

Born: 12/23/1906 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Actor (34)

Black Gold 1946 (Movie)


Action in the North Atlantic 1942 (Movie)


A Gentleman at Heart 1941 (Movie)

Steve - Detective (Actor)

Knute Rockne - All American 1939 (Movie)


Tough to Handle 1936 (Movie)

Joe MacIntyre (Actor)

Anything for a Thrill (Movie)

Cliff Mallory (Actor)

Behind the Mask (TV Show)


Black Market Babies (Movie)

Eddie Condon (Actor)

Cavalier of the West (Movie)


Charlie Chan in Reno (Movie)

Curtis Whitman (Actor)

Double Cross (Movie)

Jim (Actor)

For the Defense (Movie)

Young Man at Speakeasy (Actor)

Great Guns (Movie)

Capt. Baker (Actor)

Headline Crasher (Movie)

Larry Deering (Actor)

I Am the Law (Movie)

Student (Actor)

Juvenile Court (Movie)

Bradley (Actor)

Ladies Courageous (Movie)

Alex Anderson (Actor)

Let's Fall in Love (Movie)


Murder over New York (Movie)

Ralph Percy (Actor)

Politics (Movie)

Nifty (Actor)

Private Number (Movie)

Chauffeur (Actor)

Racing Blood (Movie)

Clay Harrison (Actor)

Sailor's Lady (Movie)

Division Officer (Actor)

Spy Smasher (Movie)

Spy Smasher (Actor)

Strangers May Kiss (Movie)

Bit (Actor)

Tail Spin (Movie)

Dick "Tex" Price (Actor)

The Missing Lady (Movie)

Lamont Cranston/The Shadow (Actor)

The Return of the Cisco Kid (Movie)

Alan Davis (Actor)

The Shadow Returns (Movie)

Lamont Cranston/The Shadow (Actor)

The Silent Code (Movie)


The Tiger Woman (Movie)

Jerry Devery (Actor)

Three Russian Girls (Movie)

Sergei (Actor)

Thunderbolt (Movie)


Winner Take All (Movie)

Paulie Mitchell (Actor)


Marion Burns



University of Minnesota