‘Yeezus,’ It’s Hard to Keep Things From Leaking These Days

Credit: Seth Browarnik/StartraksPhoto

The Internet has exploded, and it’s not because of cats or the Hannibal fandom. No, this recent outburst is on account of Kanye West‘s new album, Yeezus, leaking four days ahead of schedule. The album (which will be officially release on June 18) made its way to the Internet despite West’s best efforts keep it under wraps.

At the Governor’s Ball last Sunday, West ranted about how he doesn’t care about making money or getting air time on the radio. All he wants to do now is make good music that people can enjoy. Yeezus doesn’t even have any album art. It will come in a clear case with no cover.

That being said, if West doesn’t care about selling a million records or making a ton of money, why would he care if the album leaked? If all he wants is for fans to listen to his music, wouldn’t a leak be a good thing? Either way, it’s out there. So Google your hearts out, patrons of the Internet. Yeezus is here.

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