Kanye West Attends Occupy Wall Street, Says Nothing

Occupy Wall Street has been going on for almost a month here in NYC, and in case you haven’t heard about it, it’s the movement where people go downtown to the city’s financial district to convey their frustrations with corporate greed in various (but mainly peaceful!) ways. But the surprising part isn’t that the protest has lacked violence (the police have been violent, but that’s different). Instead, it’s amazing Kanye West showed up there yesterday and uncharacteristically kept his mouth shut. He didn’t take a moment to express any kind of empathy towards the people who have lost their jobs in the recession, and he didn’t even make a statement that discouraged us from criticizing his fashion line so harshly because it’s his very first fashion line. Instead, he just stood next to Russell Simmons and kept his mouth shut and allowed the surrounding cameras to pan in closely on his face as Russell explained Kanye was there to support the people, but he didn’t want to do any interviews because he was so very much there to support the people. So it looks like Kanye has finally figured out what’s best for everyone.

Source: Pitchfork