Kanye West Changes the Name of ‘Theraflu’

kanye westIt looks like Kanye West is finally sick of the whole Theraflu controversy. After receiving backlash regarding his decision to name his new, controversial single, “Theraflu,” after the well-known cold remedy, the rapper has decided to cater to the manufacturer’s demands and change the title of his song completely. From now on, you can refer to the song as “Way Too Cold.” (Side effects remain the same.)

But West’s temperature doesn’t seem to be running too high on the matter, nor is he giving anyone the cold shoulder. In fact, he seemed downright cheery when he made the announcement via Twitter on April 15. “I changed the name of the song THERAFLU to WAY TOO COLD and you can buy it now at KANYEWEST.COM,” the singer tweeted, along with providing a link to his official website.

Nothing else about the song seems to have changed, though, including his subtle shout-out to Kim Kardashian or his not-so-subtle reference to PETA. But, let’s be honest, he wouldn’t be Kanye West if he wasn’t indulging in some sort of controversy.


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