Weekly Highlights: Kanye Makes ‘Drunk in Love’ Even Dirtier

Kanye West, Beyonce, Drunk in Love remixBeyonce/YouTube

Here are this week’s highlights from VH1, Celebuzz, Flavorwire, and Hollywood.com.

Are you loving the erotic tension in Sherlock? 

Homoeroticism actually has a rich tradition within the Sherlock Holmes stories. Read a thorough history of sex and Sherlock at Flavorwire.

Kanye discusses reverse cowgirl and oral sex in new verse on Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love.” 
We’re guessing he’s talking about Kim because he says MILF a lot. Read the raunchy lyrics at Celebuzz.

Speaking of “Drunk in Love,” what is with that surfboard? 
Beyoncé’s video for the song prominently features some wood. See the most iconic surfboards in pop culture at VH1 Celebrity.

Is Justin Bieber just pulling an elaborate prank? 
Is he smart enough? Hollywood.com has eight reasons why he might be.