Kanye West, World’s Most Modest Human, Might Name New Album ‘I Am God’

Kanye WestKanye West isn’t an arrogant braggart, he’s just misunderstood, and also maybe a literal martyr. You see, the excitement and glamour of the oft-grandiose thoughts of West are merely facts. When you’re a Kanye West, you see, you’re automatically a genius-poet-Kurt-Cobain-Picasso-Hitler-Walt-Disney-Michael-Jackson-Steve-Jobs-Emmett-Till-Jim-Morrison-Jesus type. This is just your cross (pun obviously intended) to bear in life. This is also why you have such a messiah complex, and probably partially why you’re considering naming your album I Am God. Maybe it’s not a complex after all!

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King of Modesty and Litotes, West has — according to the BBC — considered his true potential and importance to the world at large widely undervalued. Sure, it might be “half tongue-in-cheek,” but c’mon, we know he’s only saying that to play down his greatness — humility is a trait the common plebes find admirable in their mythical higher powers.

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So while this title might not be the final one, it’s also not the right choice. I Am God really doesn’t do West any justice — though it sure is better than some of the more paltry options he considered* like I Am King, I Am Emperor, I Am Dictator or I Am The Worst  (hey, who let that last one get in there?!). If anything, it underplays his importance to America, Earth, society, humanity, and the universe at large. You need to go big, West — honesty is, after all, the best policy! How About I Am King of King of Kings or I Am The Ultimate Being or I Am Overlord? I Am Legend? (Wait, nope, Will Smith already has that on lock.) I Am Doctor Who? I Am Really, Really Ridiculously Good-Looking? I Am The Master? Or how about the simple I Am All Things?

Let’s all just breathe a sigh of relief that this means there’s no way he’ll name his kid God. I mean, right?

Have any album title suggestions for West? Lay ’em out for us in the comments!

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* …and by considered we mean not, because they are made up.

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