Website Highlights Kanye West’s ‘Post-Baby Body’

Kanye West


Of all the grating, untasteful, and borderline offensive habits perpetuated by tabloid writing, the discussion of the “post-baby body” is the worst (beating out “bikini body” by just a hair). So it was with a sigh of relief and an appreciative chuckle that we read the Huffington Post headline “Kanye West Shows Off Post-Baby Body On Sunny Day In Los Angeles.” 

Especially considering how much flack his girlfriend (and mother of his child) Kim Kardashian got for her maternity fashion — which all too often focused on her shape rather than her clothes — it’s refreshing to see a publication criticizing the media’s tendency to, well, criticize. It seems ridiculous to be talking about West’s “post-baby body,” which in turn leads one to consider the ridiculousness inherent in the term itself. Which brings us — we hope — one step closer to abolishing the phrase from our vocabularies. 

To read HuffPost’s full article and see the photo in question, head to

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