Enter the Kingdom to Interact With Kanye West’s Completed ‘Black Skinhead’ Music Video

Kanye West might be zoning at four in the morning, but at midnight he released the official music video for “Black Skinhead,” also known as “BLKKK SKKKN HEAD” (try saying that 10 times fast). After endless teasing — in the form of a leak for the unfinished (or should I say, “ain’t finished”) video and the furious yet typical Kanye rant that quickly followed — Yeezus fans who have anxiously awaited the real deal can finally breathe a sigh of relief… or can they?

The video, which is “a step towards the possibilities of internet based video,” according to Kanye’s Twitter, allows any viewer to “chop & screw” the material. This essentially means, as detailed on his website, that “image captures can be synched, posted and shared across all online and mobile social platforms for a unique secondary experience of the traditional music video.”

As innovative as it sounds, the interactive experience, which features a hand flipping the middle finger in place of a cursor that slides to allow viewers to adjust the speed and take screenshots of Kanye’s muscular CGI bod, leans more toward disturbing and disorienting. Most of the time, it’s even frustrating, as altering the speed halts the black and white video entirely and slowing it down transforms the song into a burbling, undistinguishable mess of sounds and non-lyrics. The entire experience seems more stressful than cool.

The music video from his newly released album, Yeezus, follows in the footsteps of his tactic for the “New Slaves” single release, which was projected onto 66 buildings in various cities across the globe this summer. Kanye co-directed the video with Nick Knight, who also directed the rapper’s outdoor guerilla marketing campaign for “New Slaves.”

First he used guerilla projections around the globe, now he “gives the world” an interactive music video. What will Kanye surprise us with next? After all, he IS a god who can do whatever he wants…as long as he doesn’t enter his zone

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