Kanye West Is Pissed About the ‘Black Skinhead’ Video Leak

Kanye West went on another one of his famous rants last night. But hey! At least he changed up the format – rather than shouting before a concert crowd, he took to Twitter to slam down the anonymous fellow who leaked his music video for “Black Skinhead.”

On Monday evening, the first music video from West’s new record Yeezus was leaked onto his official website — and then hastily removed. As you probably assumed, Kim Kardashian’s beau was not so happy about the “Black Skinhead” vid’s early divulgence, to say the least.

Well his spelling skillz may be lacking, West’s anger is not. He began his Twitter rampage by saying, “The BLKKK SKKKN HD video that leaked yesterday was not the official version.”

The rapper went on to earnestly disclose how, along with Nick Knight, he’s worked on churning out this video for five months, so “for creatives it’s heartbreaking when something like this happens.” He also requested that all sites who posted the leaked video remove it pronto (someone took care of that for us). All he’s asking for is a little respect for his creative juices, which is what led Kanye to bash the person who leaked the video, exclaiming “FUK YOU!” You tell ’em, Kanye!

Even in the midst of fury, Kanye still shared some gleeful news: the final version of the “Black Skinhead” music video will drop within the coming week. Phew! 

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