Kanye West Wants to Be The Godfather of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Baby

The media erupted Sunday night at the VMAs with the news that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were going to be parents. Twitter practically had a seizure trying to pump out all the tweets about the exciting pregnancy news (8,868 tweets per second to be exact), and all Twitter records in history were broken. That’s some pretty impressive news! Well, it turns out Kanye West wants a piece of that baby fame pie because he’s expecting to be the Godfather to the child.

The rapper has told friends how excited he was about his close friend’s pregnancy and claims that he will be playing a key role in the baby’s life with Godfather duty. A source told The Sun, “Kanye is as excited about the baby as Beyoncé and Jay-Z. He’s been saying he’s going to be Godfather and is absolutely thrilled. It will be a huge honor for him.” Yeah, I’m sure it would be an honor for him, but what about that little, innocent baby? How’s the child going to feel when Kanye rips its bottle or toys away, saying that Beyoncé is the one who deserves to have those things instead? I’m not confident that Kanye has the common sense for Godfather material. It’s sweet that he’s so excited for his friends, but this baby is already super popular and it’s still in the womb — it’s going to need a better role model than Mr. Speech Interrupter.

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Source: Radar