Kardashians Kruise, Khurn Out New Video— VIDEO

kim kardashianThe Kardashians are at it again, America, and the entire populous of the New Jersey shoreline is overcome with jealousy over the amount of animal print in this video.

The family, while on vacation in the Dominican decided to use their preciously-few moments of not being taped by a television crew to tape themselves lip syncing to “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G. Youngest Jenners—Kylie and Kendall—posted the video on their YouTube account on Saturday, and it has already received over 98,000 views. The video features the majority of the Klan atop a very fancy-looking boat, chilling out in their vacation hostel resort, and making it rain with Monopoly money.

After watching the video, there are a few questions that the Kardashians need to answer. Namely:

– Who told Scott that a purple t-shirt (?) on his head was a good life decision?

– When a Kardashian shakes its derrière, does it cause a shift in the earth’s rotation?

– What does Kanye West think about this?

– Can we borrow your yacht when you’re done with it?

Noticeably absent from the video is sister Khloe, who recently halted production on her spin-off show with her husband Lamar Odom. Perhaps her leopard print bikini was at the dry cleaners. Video highlights include all the Kardashians falling over when a big wave hits, and Bruce Jenner getting really into it by slapping wife Kris Jenner on her animal-printed kaftan-covered backside like a true video girl. Bravo.

The sociological experiment continues. Popular culture is a fascinating beast, is it not?

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