Karin Viard

Born: 01/24/1966 in Rouen, , FR


Actor (55)

Les visiteurs: La révolution 2016 (Movie)

Adélaïde de Montmirail (Actor)

Lolo 2016 (Movie)

Ariane (Actor)

Belles familles 2015 (Movie)

Florence (Actor)

Le Grand Partage 2015 (Movie)

Christine Dubreuil (Actor)

Vingt et une nuits avec Pattie 2015 (Movie)


Haute-Tension 2014 (Movie)

Claire (Actor)

La famille Bélier 2014 (Movie)

Gigi Bélier (Actor)

Lulu Femme Nue 2014 (Movie)

Lucie, dite Lulu (Actor)

On a failli être amies 2014 (Movie)

Marithé (Actor)

Week-ends 2014 (Movie)

Christine (Actor)

Amour Crime Parfait 2012 (Movie)


Parlez-moi de vous 2012 (Movie)


Polisse 2012 (Movie)

Nadine (Actor)

My Piece of the Pie 2011 (Movie)

France (Actor)

Nothing to Declare 2011 (Movie)

Irene Janus (Actor)

Potiche 2011 (Movie)

Nadege (Actor)

Change of Plans 2010 (Movie)

M L (Actor)

Les invités de mon père 2010 (Movie)

Babette (Actor)

All About Actresses 2009 (Movie)


Les derniers jours du monde 2009 (Movie)


Paris 2009 (Movie)

Baker (Actor)

Baby Blues 2008 (Movie)


Les Randonneurs A Saint-Tropez 2008 (Movie)


Hidden Face 2007 (Movie)


La Fache cachée 2007 (Movie)


La Tete De Maman 2007 (Movie)


True Enough 2007 (Movie)


Les Ambitieux 2006 (Movie)

Judith Zahn (Actor)

L' Enfer 2005 (Movie)

Celine (Actor)

Le Couperet 2005 (Movie)

Marlene Davert (Actor)

The Ex-Love of my Life 2005 (Movie)

Nina (Actor)

France Boutique 2003 (Movie)


The Hook 2003 (Movie)

Susie Castelano (Actor)

The Role of Her Life 2003 (Movie)

Claire Rocher (Actor)

Children of the Century 2002 (Movie)

Marie Dorval (Actor)

See How They Run 2002 (Movie)


Time Out 2002 (Movie)

Muriel (Actor)

Reines d'un jour 2001 (Movie)

Hortense (Actor)

Un Jeu d'enfants 2001 (Movie)

Marianne (Actor)

La Parenthese enchantee 2000 (Movie)

Eve (Actor)

The New Eve 2000 (Movie)

Camille (Actor)

Haut les coeurs! 1999 (Movie)

Emma (Actor)

La Separation 1998 (Movie)

Claire (Actor)

Les Randonneurs 1997 (Movie)

Cora (Actor)

Fourbi 1996 (Movie)

Rosemonde (Actor)

Hate 1996 (Movie)

Fille Galarie (Actor)

What's So Funny About Me? 1996 (Movie)

Monica (Actor)

Adultery (A User's Guide) 1995 (Movie)

Fabienne (Actor)

Fast 1995 (Movie)

Girl With Yellow Hair (Actor)

The Favorite Son 1994 (Movie)


Une Visite 1994 (Movie)


Take Me Away 1993 (Movie)

Sophie (Actor)

Delicatessen 1992 (Movie)

Miss Plusse (Actor)

Max et Jeremie 1992 (Movie)

Girl (Actor)

Tatie Danielle 1991 (Movie)

Agathe (Actor)


Laurent Machuel Director of Photography



Lycee Corneille



Stars in international hit "Week-Ends."


Wins Best Actress Cesar Award for ″Haut Les coeurs! (Lift Your Hearts!)″


First feature film role in ″Tantie Danielle (Aunt Danielle).″

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She has won two and been nominated for six Cesar Awards, the national film award in France.