Kat Von D Claims Jesse James Cheated On Her With 19 Women

Kat Von D Jesse JamesKat Von D recently discovered that her ex-fiancee Jesse James cheated on her with at least 19 different women while they were still together and like any mature adult — she decided to blog about it. According to Radar Online, the reality star wrote a lengthy Facebook blog on Sunday, revealing that her relationship with Jesse was “toxic” and highly unfaithful in nature.

While this may have seemed more than obvious to all of us, this was clearly brand new information to the former L.A. Ink star. Von D wrote:

Today I encountered the 19th girl to add to the list of people Jesse cheated on me with during this last year. I kept going back and forth in my mind as to what the best way would be for me to release and let go of any residual feelings remaining from that toxic relationship. All of this may sound petty or immature to some, but I assure you this is coming from a place of pure honesty and love.

Additionally, Von D revealed that she had originally hoped to prove to the world that Jesse really wasn’t the “serial cheater” everyone made him out to be and that he had truly seen the error of his ways. But now she’s learned that this particular leopard can’t change its spots after all and has opted to see the reality of the situation. By the end of the post, Von D even thanks James for the hard lesson he forced her to learn, writing, “Time is something you can never get back, and what we do with this very present moment is the most real thing we have. So if that’s the lesson Jesse forced me to face and learn by all of this, than all I can say is Thank You.” In other words, thank you for wasting my time — though one could say that same for her blog post.

It’s terrible for anyone to be cheated on, but I’m finding it really hard to have any sort of sympathy for her in this situation. It’s not like she didn’t know he doesn’t have a nasty habit of infidelity. I mean, the guy cheated on Sandra Bullock — something’s definitely wrong with him! She really should have seen this coming. It’s like the saying goes: fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 19 times AND COUNTING, shame on me. Or something like that.

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Source: Radar, Facebook