Kate Beckinsale

Actor, Waitress
Despite being an onscreen novice, actress Kate Beckinsale made a strong film debut as the virginal Hero in Kenneth Branagh's sun-dappled adaptation of "Much Ado About Nothing" (1993), projecting the requisite ... Read more »
Born: 07/25/1973 in London, England, GB


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Despite being an onscreen novice, actress Kate Beckinsale made a strong film debut as the virginal Hero in Kenneth Branagh's sun-dappled adaptation of "Much Ado About Nothing" (1993), projecting the requisite intelligence and star quality that deemed her one to watch. Since her breakthrough, Beckinsale went on to make a name for herself in her native England, then across the pond in the United States, where she made her debut in "The Last Days of Disco" (1998). Though her first major American film, "Brokedown Palace" (1999), proved to be a box office flop, she gained widespread exposure in the blockbuster "Pearl Harbor" (2001). But it was Beckinsale's starring turn as the leather-clad vampire warrior, Selene, in "Underworld" (2003) that earned her a legion of young comic book fans who enjoyed seeing her reprise the sexy role in "Underworld: Evolution" (2006), which she deftly balanced with a realistic portrayal of Ava Garnder in "The Aviator" (2004), confirming that Beckinsale was a not only a star of varied talents but an undeniable brunette beauty who harkened back to Hollywood's Golden Age goddesses.


Richard Beckinsale Actor

Born July 6, 1947; played Lennie Godber on the popular BBC sitcom "Porridge"; married Kate's mother, actress Judy Loe in 1977 Died of a heart attack on March 19, 1979

Samantha Beckinsale

Born July 23, 1966; daughter of Richard Beckinsale and Margaret Bradley

Judy Loe Actor

Born March 6, 1947; married to Kate's father, Richard Beckinsale until his death in 1979; married TV director Roy Battersby in 1997

Edmund Moriarty

Dated when she attended Cambridge

Michael Sheen Actor

Met during the production of "The Seagull" (1995) Father of her daughter Lily Relationship ended during the filming of "Underworld" (2003), in which they both starred, when Beckinsale left Sheen for the film's director Len Wiseman, whom she later married

Lily Sheen

Born Jan. 31, 1999; father, Michael Sheen

Len Wiseman Actor

Met when he directed her in "Underworld" (2003) Married May 9, 2004 in Los Angeles, CA


Godolphin and Latymer School

An all-girls independent school

University of Oxford

Oxford , England 1991 - 1994
Spent third year abroad in Paris; dropped out in spring 1994 to concentrate on acting

University of Oxford

Oxford , England 1991 - 1994
Spent third year abroad in Paris; dropped out in spring 1994 to concentrate on acting



Reprised role of Selene in "Underworld: Awakening"


Cast as the wife of Mark Wahlberg's character, a former criminal who gets forced back into a life of crime after his family is threatened, in the action thriller "Contraband"


Made a cameo in "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" as her character Selene


Played a U.S. Marshal tracking a killer in Antarctica as the sun is about to set for six months in "Whiteout"


Co-starred with Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, and Sam Rockwell in the family drama "Everybody's Fine"


Co-starred with Sam Rockwell in the romantic drama "Snow Angels"


Acted alongside Forest Whitaker and Guy Pearce in the ensemble drama "Fragments"


Played a reporter facing possible jail time for outing a CIA agent and refusing to reveal her source in Rod Lurie's "Nothing but the Truth"


Co-starred with Luke Wilson in the horror film "Vacancy"


Reprised role of Selene and once again teamed with director Len Wiseman for "Underworld: Evolution"


Portrayed Ava Gardner opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's "Aviator"


Cast as Anna opposite Hugh Jackman in the horror thriller "Van Helsing"


Played the protagonist Selene opposite Scott Speedman in the horror film "Underworld," written and directed by Len Wiseman


Played Christian Bale's love interest in "Laurel Canyon"


Portrayed a 1940s army nurse who becomes involved in a love triangle with two pilots in "Pearl Harbor"


Acted with John Cusack in the romantic comedy "Serendipity"


Portrayed Nick Nolte's daughter in the Merchant-Ivory adaptation of Henry James' "The Golden Bowl"


Co-starred with Clare Danes in "Brokedown Palace"


Appeared in Whit Stillman's ensemble drama "The Last Days of Disco"


Played Alice in British TV production of "Alice Through the Looking Glass"


Played the lead in the British version of Jane Austen's "Emma" (ITV; aired in the U.S. on A&E)


Co-starred with Stuart Townsend and Dan Futterman in "Shooting Fish"


Appeared in the London stage productions of "Sweethearts" and "Clocks"


Portrayed the orphan Flora Poste who goes to live with her relatives in "Cold Comfort Farm" (BBC)


Made stage acting debut in "The Seagull"


Played the female lead in "Marie-Louise ou la permission"


Feature film debut as Hero in Kenneth Branagh's feature adaptation of "Much Ado About Nothing"


Played the Ophelia character in "Prince of Jutland/ Royal Deceit"


Played Judy Davis' rebellious daughter in the CBS TV-movie "One Against the Wind"


Played small role in the British TV-miniseries "Devices and Desires" (ITV)

Studied French and Russian literature at New College, Oxford

Bonus Trivia


As a teenager, Beckinsale twice won the W. H. Smith Young Writers' competition – once for three short stories and once for three poems.


Beckinsale suffered from anorexia as a teenager. She underwent four years of five-day-per-week analysis.


"I'm not crazy about being called an ingenue. I keep getting called an English rose as well, which I find a bit annoying because my grandfather is Burmese." – Beckinsale in Detour magazine, November 1996


"People asked me ever since I was a little kid whether I was going to be an actress, and for a long time I said no, I was so adamant I wasn't going to for such a long time. I think I just wanted to be different, but then I got a couple of jobs and it started gently from there." – Beckinsale on her career in Empire, May 1997


"Other actors who knew him kept telling me how devastated they were when he died. I was constantly having to console them for my father's death. I was devastated and knew exactly what had happened. I'm very respectful of small children now." – Beckinsale on the death of her father Richard, from Cosmopolitan (U.K. edition), May 1997


"Even when they wank on about how fantastic you are, it doesn't mean a lot. Maybe you struck the right nerve. But when they've shat on you from a great height, and they've said you're ugly and revolting, then you're bound to be bitter. We hardly have any good theater critics now, it's all to do with the cult of their personality, and a lot of them are pure poison. It used to be an art form when Ken Tynan wrote about Olivier, now it's filling a column. I wouldn't want to be paid for making people cry. I suppose a bad review can be helpful, but it rarely is. You just want to go round, tar their f*cking throats off and piss in their necks." – Beckinsale on critics, quoted in GQ (U.K. edition), November 1997


"With every project you do, you bring out a part of yourself, and it seems to be quite a good way of expanding as a person." – Beckinsale to Premiere, June 1998


"I've always felt that anorexia was the form of breakdown most readily available to adolescent girls. Its place and role in the family is very interesting: There is usually one person in the family who unknowingly becomes the catalyst for things almost the scapegoat in a way to stop the whole structure from collapsing. After I got better, I kept quiet about if for a long time. But then I began to think that a lot of people don't recover as well as I have, and I think I understand quite a lot about it, so I mentioned it in an interview with Company magazine. But the way they handled it was to say, 'Isn't she thin? and oh, how terribly tragic,' and, of course by then it had been several years since I'd had anorexia. It then became one of those things that follow you around. It made me feel quite funny talking about it." – Beckinsale to Dina Rabinovitch in Interview, July 1998


"They saved all the kissing scenes up at the end of 'Pearl Harbor' and the 'Serendipity' ones were right at the beginning, so I was literally going from one man to the next. I don't know what my daughter, Lily, thought when she kept catching me in clinches with various, different, massive men. I think she thinks that's what my job is, mainly kissing, which it probably is, actually." – Beckinsale to www.katebeckinsale.net, January 2002


"It's funny, every time I do a film I feel that right I've done a Shakespeare now, I'd like to play an American, or I'd like to do a movie in French, or this or that. As far as I'm concerned I've changed around quite a bit but this seems to be the one that's got everyone going what? She can't possibly do that. Which I think is great. The fact that I haven't been so successful that I've been stuck doing one thing is fantastic for me and I hope that continues" – Beckinsale on her role as a vampire in "Underworld" to Empire, November 2003


"American men were all called Todd and were lifeguards and had kegs and things like that. I think that is largely true, isn't it?" – Beckinsale's image of American men growing up GQ, May 2004


"I was always the youngest in my class and was still quite happy to be roller-skating when, at about 12 years old, it suddenly became all about boys and push-up bras." – Beckinsale quoted in Hollywood Life, February 2006