Kate Bosworth Says She Was ‘A Real Loner In High School’

Question of the day: what do Orlando Bloom and Alexander Skarsgard have in common? Besides the fact that they are insanely (and unfairly) gorgeous, they also have both dated the lovely Kate Bosworth. While you would think that this girl must have achieved Quinn Fabray status in high school judging by her girl-next-door looks and her ability to nab such high caliber men, the actress claims that this was certainly not the case. In an interview with Blackbook Magazine, Bosworth comments about her social life in high school, confessing “I was a real loner in high school, even though people assume I was the head cheerleader. My head was always in books. I felt uncomfortable in cliques. I wasn’t a social butterfly at all.” You hear that ladies? Now all of you should be making a mental note that Orlando and Alex like book worms. I, for one, am never leaving home without a book ever again after hearing this.

The acting beauty also opens up about starring alongside her former flame and Straw Dogs co-star, Skarsgard, and the highly talked about rape scene the two had to film together. Kate recounted that “I told Alex not to worry about me, to just go for it. I said, ‘I need you to lose yourself in this moment. And it was actually violent. He’s a huge guy. When he was ripping off my clothes in front of a room filled with men, even though I knew it was make-believe, it was still incredibly violating and terrifying. The panic you see flooding me in that rape scene is real.” The couple were reportedly together while filming, but have since parted ways (would’ve been a lot more awkward to film that scene if they were already broken up, eh?). She was interviewed by the magazine before the separation occurred, so the two had very nice things to say about each other. Kate gushed about him saying, “Alex is so kind and so dedicated and so incredibly professional,” she said. “He’s got this rare, wonderful control and stillness that you notice in a lot of old movie stars. He looks you in the eye. I feel incredibly lucky to have had that type of man on this movie.” We understand.

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Source: Access Hollywood