Kate Gosselin Believes Money Makes You A Good Parent

When I found out that poor Kate Gosselin was going to be out of work and her reality TV show Kate Plus 8 got canceled, I felt so….relieved. No, I didn’t feel bad that she was no longer going to get paid to use her kids as stepping stools in her never-ending quest for fame. Those children have had a camera in their faces ever since they were born, so it will be good for them to finally get a normal childhood. But not if Kate has anything to say about it, and she’s already trying to pimp her family out for another shot of reality TV… which apparently makes her a better mother than most parents. In an interview on the Today show with Matt Lauer, Kate explains that if you’re working the normal 9-5 job then you basically suck as a parent because you don’t love your kids enough to go out and make more money, and that makes you a “mediocre” parent.

The controversy started when Jon Gosselin (Kate’s ex-husband) said he was happy when the show was canceled. He exclaimed, “Reality TV is not a career, and it’s time to get back to a normal life.” Kate then defended her dedication to a reality TV career by responding to her former husband’s remark and telling Lauer, “Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids and working a regular job. I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities not unlike every parent.” She does realize that most of her fan base consists of these “mediocre” moms right? Check out her snide comments during the interview below. Warning: this may make you want to punch the screen:

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I’m not sure what’s more disturbing — the fact that she really does believe money can buy you love from your children or that she thinks she’s actually a good mother. Both statements are highly inaccurate. Kids are not arcade games… you don’t shove money down their throats in the hope that you’ll get rewarded with some prize at the end. Yes it’s important to be able to afford new clothes, a house, and 3 full meals every day for your little ones, but you shouldn’t be considered less of a parent if your kids didn’t get to meet all three Jonas brothers that year. Spending time with them, playing with them, making them feel good about themselves, showering them with love — these are the main gifts a parent needs to provide, which ironically are all things that Kate never actually does (seriously, name one time she’s done any of that). Some may think I’m just jealous of Kate’s so-called “fame,” but really I just pity those children who are growing up with such a skewed version of reality and what it means to be loved. I had dinner with my family every single night while growing up because they worked normal days hours at their “regular” jobs. The point was they were there and not off in search of the nearest camera they could pose in front of — and there’s nothing mediocre about that.

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Source: Cafe Mom