Kate Lyn Sheil


Actor (31)

The Girlfriend Experience 2015 - 2016 (TV Show)


A Wonderful Cloud 2015 (Movie)

Katelyn (Actor)

Queen of Earth 2015 (Movie)

Michelle (Actor)

Young Bodies Heal Quickly 2015 (Movie)


Equals 2014 (Movie)

Kate (Actor)

Hellaware 2014 (Movie)

Lexie (Actor)

Listen Up Philip 2014 (Movie)

Nancy (Actor)

Men Go to Battle 2014 (Movie)


The Heart Machine 2014 (Movie)

Virginia (Actor)

Intimate Semaphores 2013 (Movie)


Somebody Up There Likes Me 2013 (Movie)

Ex-Wife (Actor)

Sun Don't Shine 2013 (Movie)

Crystal (Actor)

You're Next 2013 (Movie)

Talia (Actor)

First Winter 2012 (Movie)


Pollywogs 2012 (Movie)


The Apocalypse 2012 (Movie)


The Color Wheel 2012 (Movie)

Julia (Actor)

The Comedy 2012 (Movie)

Waitress (Actor)

The Sacrament 2012 (Movie)

Sarah (Actor)

V/H/S 2012 (Movie)

Girl (Actor)

Autoerotic 2011 (Movie)


Cat Scratch Fever 2011 (Movie)


Empire Builder 2011 (Movie)

Jenny (Actor)

Gabi on the Roof in July 2011 (Movie)

Dory (Actor)

Happy Life 2011 (Movie)


Impolex 2011 (Movie)

Katje (Actor)

Silver Bullets 2011 (Movie)


Green 2010 (Movie)


The Zone 2010 (Movie)


Knife Point 2008 (Movie)


Green (Movie)

Genevieve (Actor)
Producer (2)

A Wonderful Cloud 2015 (Movie)

(Associate Producer)

Men Go to Battle 2014 (Movie)



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