Kate Middleton Rejects Peanut Product, Rumors Begin That She’s Pregnant

kate middleton, prince williamEver since the Royal Wedding last April, British and Americans alike have been praying that sometime soon they’d get to take off another day from work so they could celebrate the arrival of the Royal Baby. But Prince William and Kate Middleton haven’t said much about their desire to start a family and instead, have been traveling around the world and continuing on with their charity work — and so we all kind of went back to our normal routines and forgot about any kind of welcoming ceremony where Prince William and Kate would return to the balcony where they shared their first kiss as husband and wife and hold up their baby to the world in decidedly The Lion King fashion. But our engines revved up again this weekend when it was reported that during a visit to a UNICEF distribution center in Denmark, Kate was offered a taste of some peanut paste — which she refused “and gave her husband of six months a knowing look.”

Us Magazine gave us some insight as to why the Princess would decline such a seemingly harmless food and revealed, “Doctors have frequently recommended pregnant women avoid peanuts and peanut byproducts while expecting in order to prevent the development of allergies in their babies-to-be.” But she could just have a peanut allergy, right? Well, not really because apparently, spokespeople for The Palace “went out of their way to stress that she has no nut allergy whatsoever.” So…put up a barricade or something around that floating holiday you’ve got stashed away because from here on out, it belongs to the Royal Baby and you’ll use it only at his/her discretion.

Source: Us