Kate Middleton Reveals a Royal Secret

prince william, kate middletonAs many of you probably already know, Prince William and Kate Middleton adopted a lovable black cocker spaniel back in January. And while photos of the pup proved that he’s all sorts of adorable, the royal newlyweds had yet to reveal what name they’d decided to give their little canine companion…until now.

A Palace source revealed to UsWeekly magazine that the Duchess of Cambridge let the secret slip while talking to a group of school children at Rose Hill Primary School on Tuesday. During the visit, a little boy showed Middleton his dog stuffed animal, and after learning his toy didn’t have a name, she suggested he name it after her own pup: Lupo.

So what inspired such a unique name? A royal insider explained to the People magazine the name choice, saying, “They liked the name. They like the play on the word for wolf,” since the Latin word for wolf is “lupus.” Either way, it certainly sounds sophisticated enough to deserve a proper place among the royal family roster.

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