Kate Upton and the History of the Naughty Popsicle

Leave it to Kate Upton to turn patriotic into erotic. The blonde bombshell appears on the cover of GQ‘s July issue, donning a sexy red, white, and blue string bikini. But oddly enough, her lack of clothing isn’t the most eye-catching image in the shot. The model is also seductively licking a red, white, and blue popsicle in a way that will make most men see fireworks. 

kate upton

[Photo credit: GQ]

This is what our forefathers fought for! This also got us thinking about how ridiculously far celebrities have gone, turning even one of our most sacred childhood treats into a very obvious euphemism. But, it’s not just popsicles. Ice cream cones and lollipops have all morphed from cool, tasty treats into phallic symbols. Check out the history of the naughty use of pops in pop culture. 

JWoww in Maxim

This Jersey Shore star is no stranger to dirty innuendos. She lives in a houseful of dudes (sorry, gorillas) for crying out loud. 


[Photo credit: Maxim]

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blake lively, leighton meester

Lea Michele in GQ

Don’t try this at school, kids!

lea michele

[Photo credit: GQ]

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It’s hard to tell which version of David Hasselhoff is more naughty, but neither of them have any business being near anyone’s mouth. 

david hasselhoff

Nicki Minaj‘s Microphonsicle

This one wouldn’t be as bad if all the other images hadn’t clogged our brain with dirty thoughts and images. Although, it doesn’t help that the tip of this foam microphone is the same color as Minaj’s lipstick. Mind, meet gutter.

nicki minaj

[Photo credit: Will Alexander/WENN.com]

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This 007 star is used to fans melting in his presence. I guess it’s only appropriate that we return the favor on this one.

daniel craig

Beyoncé in Dazed & Confused