Kate Winslet Says She Has ‘A Real Shape’ in New St. John Campaign

The Titanic may have sank to the bottom of the ocean, but it sure didn’t bring Kate Winslet down with it.  The actress has been part of several box office hits including Revolutionary Road, The Reader, and The Holiday.  She was even recently nominated for an Emmy this year for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie due to her incredible performance in Mildred Pierce.  Along with all of her accomplishments, Winslet is also becoming the newest face of St. John, following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie and Karen Elson.  Kate poses in several St. John outfits ranging from chic dresses to stylish pants, coats, and blouses and her behind-the-scenes commercial for the line — which is being called Scenes of a Woman — has just been released.  In this testimonial-type video Kate states:

“With St. John You can look extremely chic without trying too hard. You don’t feel as though they are clothes that only a model would be able to wear. And obviously I am not a model, I don’t have a model’s body, I have a real shape. And that just means a lot to me to be able to wear clothes that do embody that message of strength and power and femininity in a real shape….. I’m very much inspired by mothers, women who can pull it all together, do it all. Those are the women who are setting examples to a future generation of young women and that’s what I’m trying to do for my daughter.”

Here’s the full video:

I doubt anyone would agree with the I don’t have a model’s body comment (we’ve all seen Titanic).  The actress certainly looks at home while modeling the wide variety of St. John clothes, which have a stylish yet simple feel to them that I absolutely love.  If these clothes look even half as good on me as they do on her then I’m sold.  Check out the stunning photos below:




Source: Celebitchy