Katherine Warren

Born: 07/12/1905


Actor (23)

Father Knows Best 1954 - 1967 (TV Show)


Jailhouse Rock 1957 (Movie)

Mrs Van Alden (Actor)

Drango 1956 (Movie)

Mrs Scott (Actor)

The Caine Mutiny 1954 (Movie)

Mrs Keith (Actor)

The Glenn Miller Story 1954 (Movie)

Mrs Burger (Actor)

The Violent Men 1954 (Movie)

Mrs Vail (Actor)

The Star 1953 (Movie)

Landlady (Actor)

The Prowler 1951 (Movie)

Grace Crocker (Actor)

Harriet Craig 1950 (Movie)


Three Secrets 1950 (Movie)

Mrs. Connors (Actor)

And Baby Makes Three 1949 (Movie)


All the King's Men 1948 (Movie)

Mrs. Burden (Actor)

Battles of Chief Pontiac (Movie)

Chia (Actor)

Lorna Doone (Movie)

Sarah Ridd (Actor)

Mystery Submarine (Movie)

Mrs. Weber (Actor)

Night into Morning (Movie)

Mrs. Anderson (Actor)

Scandal Sheet (Movie)

Mrs. Allison (Actor)

Son of Ali Baba (Movie)

Princess Karma (Actor)

Talk About a Stranger (Movie)

Dr. Dorothy Langley (Actor)

Tell It to the Judge (Movie)

Kitty Lawton (Actor)

The Man Behind the Gun (Movie)

Phoebe Sheldon (Actor)

The Steel Trap (Movie)

Grandmother (Actor)

Washington Story (Movie)

Mrs. Birch (Actor)