Kathryn Card

Born: 10/04/1892


Actor (15)

The Red Skelton Show 1951 - 1970 (Tv Show)


The Unsinkable Molly Brown 1964 (Movie)

Mrs Wadlington (Actor)

Walk on the Wild Side 1962 (Movie)

Landlady (Actor)

Because They're Young 1960 (Movie)

Mrs Wellenberg (Actor)

Please Don't Eat the Daisies 1960 (Movie)

Miss Yule--Principal (Actor)

Good Day For a Hanging 1958 (Movie)

Molly Cain (Actor)

Home Before Dark 1958 (Movie)

Mattie (Actor)

Hollywood or Bust 1956 (Movie)

Old Lady (Actor)

The Birds and the Bees 1956 (Movie)


Daddy Long Legs 1955 (Movie)

Mrs Carrington (Actor)

A Star Is Born 1954 (Movie)

Landlady (Actor)

You For Me 1952 (Movie)


Harriet Craig 1950 (Movie)

Mrs. Norwood (Actor)

Born to Kill 1947 (Movie)

Grace (Actor)

Undercurrent 1946 (Movie)