Kathy Griffin Confesses Her Love for Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey-Style

People have definitely decided to take social media to a whole new level of creepy this summer. First, we had Marines virally asking celebrities to attend Marine Corps Balls via YouTube and now we’ve got celebrities making love confessions to each other — when will the madness end?! Just a day after Jim Carrey made a somewhat creepy video confessing his undying love to Emma Stone, Kathy Griffin felt inspired and made a little video of her own. Who did she decide to declare her love to? None other than our favorite Tween heartthrob, Justin Bieber!

Griffin opted to take the less creepy approach and create a hilarious parody of Carrey’s awkward speech. She obviously doesn’t really mean what she’s saying…or maybe she does, but that’s the beauty of Kathy — you never really know. Either way, her video proves to be a lot funnier. The comedy genius proclaims her love saying “You are all the way beautiful, even with those lesbian bangs—but that is not any diss to the LGBT community.” Griffin is constantly glancing at a copy of Carrey speech, while putting her own comedic spin on it. She goes on saying, “You’re smart and kind-hearted. “That’s kind of an assumption, er, you seem nice…If I could, I would marry you. Oh, that’s actually not true. It’s messy, Justin.” In true Kathy form, the video gets more and more naughty as she begins to talk about her lady parts and admits that “the sex—whoo—it’s going to be weird.” You gotta love her classy style. Check out the full video confession below. Whose do you think is better — Jim’s or Kathy’s?

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Source: E!