Katie Couric Questions Miley Cyrus as a Role Model

Apparently there was a little gender confusion on The View today.  Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Barbara Walters, and Sherri Shepard were joined this morning with first-time guest co-host, Katie Couric, and like always on this show — things got a little heated and disturbing.  The daytime talk show opened with a conversation that focused on the recent photo circulating of Miley Cyrus smoking a cigarette, which had the ladies questioning whether the popular singer is a fit role model for young fans.  Couric and Goldberg began debating the issue — as a mother Couric said she didn’t like to see such a known star exercising such bad habits, but Goldberg rebutted her remarks saying that as a smoker herself, she didn’t feel as though she is a bad role model for kids (she was on Sesame Street after all). The Sister Act star added that she should be able to participate in her adult privileges without worrying how they will reflect onto her fan base.  But isn’t that the price you pay with choosing a career that’s in the public eye?  You know the press and fans will watch your every move.  But sure, let’s condone smoking.

As the conversation continued Couric admitted that she could see Goldberg’s point of view saying, “I’m not gonna castrate Miley Cyrus, but …”  Umm, what?  I’m pretty sure she meant to say chastise, but fellow host Behar just couldn’t let that little slip up slide by without commenting on it and interrupted saying, “Miley has a penis?!”  I guess Couric must have missed that day in health class when they were teaching the different parts of the anatomy.  I’m sure the ladies sat her down after the show and gave her a quick overview.  Check out the clip and see how it all went down:

Source: E Online