Katie Couric Reveals Dreams of Dancing

Katie CouricYou’d think that after years as top newswoman, Katie Couric would aspire to be known as the female Edward R. Murrow or Walter Kronkite, but according to her recent chat with US Weekly, her secret dream is waltz right into the ranks of the Chelsea Hightowers and Karina Smirnoffs of the world. That’s right, the nightly news isn’t cutting it; Katie Couric wants to be on Dancing With the Stars.

At least she knows how ridiculous it sounds that a serious journalist aspires to such heights. Couric, who isn’t much a reality T.V. fan, sheepishly admitted that the dancing show is “sadly” a dream of hers while attending US Weekly’s “25 Most Stylish New Yorkers” party last week.

She may dare to dream, but Couric doesn’t think she could really pull off those barely-there dancers costumes. “Seriously, it’d be like, ‘Paging Jenny Craig, stat!” she told US Weekly. (For the record, I think she could totally rock it.) While she may think it’s just a passing fancy, Katie had better be careful what she wishes for. Dancing With The Stars could coming tangoing after her in hopes of securing her a slot for next season.

Even if they manage to coax her into a pair of character shoes and some sequin-and-fringe-clad monstrosity next year, it will still be too bad we didn’t get this news earlier. Thanks to Bristol Palin’s turn on tonight’s season premiere, Sarah Palin will be in attendance for the festivities. Perhaps you remember a certain widely publicized (and parodied) interview back in 2008? Think about it. We could have enjoyed a (Bristol) Palin vs. Couric dance smack-down; this season of DWTS could have gone from some silly, glitzy dancing competition to a full-on political thriller. If only she’d told us sooner!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter