Katrin Cartlidge

Actor, Dresser, Art model
An intense British theater and film actress who has specialized in neurotic and or frightened woman, Katrin Cartlidge first caught the attention of the art house crowd as the junkie Sophie in Mike Leigh's "Naked" ... Read more »
Born: 05/14/1961 in London, England, GB


Actor (24)

Searching for Debra Winger 2002 - 2003 (TV Show)


Cinderella 2001 - 2002 (TV Show)


The Cherry Orchard 2002 (Movie)

Varya (Actor)

The Weight of Water 2002 (Movie)

Karen Christenson (Actor)

From Hell 2001 (Movie)

Dark Annie Chapman (Actor)

No Man's Land 2001 (Movie)

Jane Livingstone (Actor)

The Lost Son 2001 (Movie)

Emily (Actor)

Claire Dolan 2000 (Movie)

Claire Dolan (Actor)

Hotel Splendide 2000 (Movie)

Cora Blanche (Actor)

Hi-Life 1998 (Movie)

April (Actor)

Career Girls 1997 (Movie)

Hannah (Actor)

Breaking the Waves 1996 (Movie)

Dodo (Actor)

Before the Rain 1995 (Movie)

Anne (Actor)

Saint-Ex 1995 (Movie)

Gabrielle de Saint-Exupery (Actor)

Seasick 1995 (Movie)

Elena Polakov (Actor)

Three Steps to Heaven 1995 (Movie)


Look Me In the Eye 1994 (Movie)

1st Lover In Mario's (Actor)

Fever 1993 (Movie)


Naked 1993 (Movie)

Sophie (Actor)

Eat the Rich 1988 (Movie)

Katrin (Actor)

Sacred Hearts 1983 (Movie)

Doris (Actor)

Nobody's Children (TV Show)


Normandy: The Great Crusade (TV Show)



An intense British theater and film actress who has specialized in neurotic and or frightened woman, Katrin Cartlidge first caught the attention of the art house crowd as the junkie Sophie in Mike Leigh's "Naked" (1993). With her long brunette hair, sharp, malleable features and dancer-like comportment, the talented actress has amassed an impressive list of credits and has been fortunate to work with several of the late 20th Century's most gifted filmmakers, including the aforementioned Leigh, Lars von Trier, and Michael Cacoyannis. Although she has tended to excel as very contemporary characters, the stage-trained Cartlidge has proven equally at home in period films.


Derrick Cartlidge

was orphaned as a baby jailed as a pacifist in WWII

Barbara Cartlidge

was German-Jewish refugee during WWII


was put into remedial school as child because of mild dyslexia



Appeared on the NYC stage in "Mnemonic" with the Theatre de Complicite


Played a woman who is stalked by a man she once dated in the London stage premiere of "Boy Gets Girl"


Cast as one of the ugly stepsisters in Beeban Kidron's modern take on "Cinderella"; aired on Channel 4 on January 1


Had featured role in the murder mystery "Weight of Water"


Portrayed Varya in Michael Cacoyannis' adaptation of "The Cherry Orchard"; released theatrically in the United Kingdom in 2000


Returned to the stage in "Mnemonic" at the Riverside Studios


Made cameo appearance as a Parisian brothel owner in "Topsy-Turvy". directed by Mike Leigh


Had title role of a call girl attempting to break free from her life in "Claire Dolan"; screened at Cannes; released theatrically in the USA in 2000


Teamed again with Mike Leigh for "Career Girls"; played the acerbic Hannah


Had major supporting role as Emily Watson's repressed sister-in-law in Lars von Trier's "Breaking the Waves"


US TV-movie debut, "Nobody's Children" (USA Network)


Played featured role in Milcho Manchevski's "Before the Rain"


First major film role as the brooding Goth Sophie in "Naked", directed by Mike Leigh


Feature film debut, "Eat the Rich"


Acted in the British TV-movie "Sacred Hearts" (Channel Four)


TV series debut as a troubled schoolgirl on the debut episode of the popular British series "Brookside"


Stage acting debut in "One Rule" at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith


London stage debut as Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet"

Was a nude model for art classes

Worked briefly as a dresser for actress Jill Bennett

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"I feel eternally immature; it's something about being the youngest, the family is always treating you as the baby.I think it's hard to be alive at the moment and not be a little bit neurotic; maybe I'm saying that in my defence." --Katrin Cartlidge quoted in the London Times, February 5, 2000


"Katrin has so much truth in her when she's acting. It must hurt her terribly, because she's working without skin. She has no safety tires. She's not using technique to make it easier." --"Breaking the Waves" co-star Stellan Skarsgard, quoted in Time Out New York, November 14-21, 1996


"I actually love getting older. I hated my 20s; I couldn;t wait to be 30. I'm really looking forward to turning 40, if I get there. And not just because things are more successful now, but because I think the older you get, the more you find life interesting apart from your own problems." --Cartlidge quoted in The New York Times, August 3, 1997


"Mike [Leigh] allows an actress to be a woman, warts and all. It's not true that just because you're a woman you have superior qualities. Look at Margaret Thatcher. Mike is brilliant because he allows his characters to be fully rounded. He spends a lot of time working through this organic chaos to get to the final very crafted, very disciplined film." --Cartlidge quoted in Sydney Morning Herald, August 29, 1997


"Katrin is a total original. She's not frightened of ugliness or danger, as you can see from some of her roles; she confronts everything with courage."She's very droll, sharp, perceptive, but also incredibly generous: she's the last person who would ever get twitchy about other people's performances, she's an ensemble actor." -- Mike Leigh quoted in the London Times, February 5, 2000


"There's a sort of paradox about Katrin, She is very English, with her quiet seriousness ans self-deprecating humor, but the range of her look allows her to play characters of almost any European nationality or period." --Simon Perry, chief executive of British Screen, quoted in The New York Times, August 3, 1997