Katy Perry Invested Millions of Her Own Cash to Get ‘Part of Me’ Rolling

katy perryKaty Perry doesn’t know the meaning of taking a break, unless it involves breaking records, which she’s done plenty of in the last two years. Whether she’s touring or making top-selling albums, this girl is almost always on the go. And now that her very own concert documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me is about to hit theaters in July, she’s about to take her fame and success to unprecedented new heights.

But it didn’t all come so easily for this singing sensation. The truth of the matter is that Perry put in a grueling amount of her very own blood, sweat, and tears into this cinematic production to make it everything that it is today. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, she even spent millions of her own money in order to help finance the project.

That’s right, Perry had to literally bet on herself with cold hard cash — $2 million to be exact — while the rest of the movie’s budget was loaned to Perry by production partners AEG Live. “My frugal business manager, God bless him, was sweating,” she says. Luckily, Perry earned a whopping $44 million last year after scoring five consecutive No. 1 hits off her album Teenage Dream — so at least they knew she was good for it.

Katy Perry: singing superstar by day, savy entrepreneur by night — who would’ve thought?

[Photo Credit: THR]

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