Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ Video Is So Ridiculous It’s Good

Katy Perry, Roar VideoYouTube

What do you get when you combine plane crashes, elephant pedicures, and skirts made of leaves? The video for Katy Perry’s latest single “Roar,” of course. Stylized after an old-fashioned disaster movie, it shows Perry undergo the typical uplifting pop song journey from wide-eyed and scared to Queen of the Jungle. Sure, you’ve seen it before — Perry’s even done it before — but what saves “Roar” from getting lost in the empowerment video shuffle is the sheer amount of fun in it. 

Becuase when Katy Perry is Queen of the Jungle, she uses her high heel to catch bananas and wrestles alligators so she can clean their teeth. She even has a roaring contest with the tiger that killed her boyfriend. The video is, essentially, so ridiculous that it’s good. It plays up the cheesiness of the song in just the right way, making the song actually better with the video than on its own. By the time Perry’s taking selfies with a monkey, you might even be charmed enough to forgive her for the fact that “Roar” will be stuck in your head for the next week. 

Perry’s at her best when she’s at her goofiest, so let’s hope the cheese and the charm is back for good. 

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