Katy Perry To Write Songs About Her Split With Russell Brand

katy perry, russell brandNothing like a little tragedy to feel inspired. Multiple sources are reporting that Katy Perry is in the process of writing some new songs which happen to pertain to her recent split with Russell Brand. Apparently, the singer has been writing down her feelings in a diary of sorts ever since her relationship with Brand became strained, and now according to some of her pals, she’s started turning her heartbreak into actual songs as a way to cope

A source told The Sun, “Ever since problems started to emerge, she penned her thoughts in a diary which she goes back to to draw upon for lyrics for her songs,” adding that Perry “has always said that writing is almost a form of therapy for her and she would often be found in her dressing room on tour writing in her diary.” Furthermore, the insider revealed that the newly single singer “spent a lot of time in Hawaii over Christmas writing lyrics to two of her latest tracks.”

But Perry wouldn’t be the first (or the last) to sing about an ex…in fact, it’s quite common (see Taylor Swift). Heck, some artists even hire look alikes for their music videos. In fact, Perry even used her breakup with Travie McCoy to fuel one of her earlier albums. However, I would particularly be interested to see what Perry has to say since it’s unclear what actually caused the split to begin with (“irreconcilable differences” is not specific enough for me). Hopefully a few heartfelt lyrics would bring us a little closer to some answers. So keep on writing, Katy, and let the creativity (and details) flow!

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Source: The Sun