Hackers Took Over Katy Perry’s Twitter And Leaked An Unreleased Song

Everyone, try and catch your breath – Katy Perry did not tweet Taylor Swift. Perry, who currently holds the record for largest number of Twitter followers, is the latest celebrity to fall victim to Internet hackers.

On Monday evening, a hacker with the username @sw4ylol used Perry’s account to tweet racial and homophobic slurs, a messaged directed at Taylor Swift, and a bunch of, for lack of better words, nonsense. The tweets are now, like we’d expect, deleted.

To really understand the true absurdity of Perry’s hack, take one second to imagine having the platform Perry has. She literally has the largest Twitter account in the world with over 89 million followers. Imagine the difference (or controversy, if you’re into that sort of thing) that you could create by just sending one single tweet.

Apparently, this hacker didn’t really think that far in advance because he pretty much tweeted gibberish. What a wasted opportunity.


The most damaging part of this hack, besides the tweet to Taylor Swift who has a long-standing feud with Perry (though we doubt Swift even saw the tweet before it was deleted), was a link to Soundcloud allegedly leaking an unreleased Katy Perry song.

The file, shared by a user named “slut” was removed from Twitter and Soundcloud. The alleged hacker’s account only has three tweets, with one being a takedown notice from Soundcloud, who are pretty on top of removing anything that breaks copyright.


Perry, who has since deleted the tweets, has not acknowledged the hack because why would she?

Congrats sw4ylol, you did it. Yo go Glen Coco.