Kelly Clarkson Goes Country in Her Latest Single ‘Don’t Rush’ — LISTEN

kelly clarksonIs there anything Kelly Clarkson can’t do? From her breakout American Idol victory to her numerous Grammy Awards and musical accolades, it seems the 30-year-old’s artistic talents know no bounds (and let’s not forget her adorable film debut in From Justin to Kelly). Yes, she’s certainly proven to be a Jack (or is it Jill?) of all trades in entertainment circles. But now the singer is looking to add “country crooner” to her already impressive music resume.

The “Stronger” star released a new duet with country legend Vince Gill on Monday titled “Don’t Rush,” showing fans a Southern side of Clarkson we’ve never really seen before. Though most of Clarkson’s songs usually possess a very distinct pop-like quality that we’ve grown to love, this slower, twangier track is definitely worth a listen or two (or ten). As always, this girl never disappoints.

Listen to the audio version below and see what you think of Clarkson’s new sound:

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