Kelly Osbourne Claims She Was Never As Fat As Christina Aguilera

There is more to the glitz and glam of Hollywood than meets the eye. Hidden beneath it all is a world full of drama, lying, cheating, and resentment where no petty comments are ever forgotten, especially if you’re Kelly Osbourne. Man, this girl knows how to hold a grudge. On E!’s Fashion Police last Friday, the 26-year-old slammed Christina Aguilera for her weight claiming, The Voice host “called me fat for years,” while adding, “I was never that fat.” Granted, Christina wasn’t exactly looking her best (or thinnest) at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert (fishnet tights, heavy makeup and super-sized hair doesn’t really scream “fashionista”), but it was still a rather harsh comment for Osbourne to make. I guess that whole Golden Rule thing was never enforced in Hollywood.

But Kelly wasn’t the only co-host to attack Christina’s figure. Joan Rivers quipped, “Lady Marmalade got into the peanut butter again,” while George Kotsiopoulos added,  “I’m looking at this and thinking, ‘Well, she’s put on weight. This just isn’t flattering.’ But this is just a crappy outfit, regardless. No matter what shape your body is in, it’s just bad.” But when George tried to defend the pop singer a little by saying she’s “still probably a size 2/4,” Kelly was quick to disagree, stating, “Trust me. I’m a 2/4. That is not a 2/4.” Meow.

Osbourne battled her weight in the past, but after her 2009 stint on Dancing with the Stars she shed 48 pounds and kept it off. Although the weight may be gone, the memories of people criticizing her for being overweight remain. Kelly stated, “I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict. I will never understand that.” So it looks like poor Christina will be taking the front of the blame.

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Source: US