Ken Price


Visual Effects & Animation (9)

Righteous Kill 2008 (Movie)

Digital Line-Up(Pacific Title Imaging) (Digital Effects)

The Code 2007 (Movie)

Digital Line-Up Department(Pacific Title Imaging) (Digital Effects)

Glory Road 2006 (Movie)

Line-up(Pacific Title Imaging) (Visual Effects)

Ladder 49 2004 (Movie)

Digital Line Up (Digital Effects)

Bad Boys II 2003 (Movie)

Line Up(Pacific Title) (Visual Effects)

Kill Bill Vol. 1 2003 (Movie)

Digital Line Up (Digital Effects)

The Italian Job 2003 (Movie)

Lineup(Pacific Title) (Digital Effects)

The Bourne Identity 2002 (Movie)

Digital Lineup(Pacific Title & Art Studio) (Digital Effects)

Predator 1987 (Movie)

special visual effects(optical lineup) (Special Effects)
Camera, Film, & Tape (2)

Seraphim Falls 2007 (Movie)

Line-Up/Negative Department(Pacific Title and Art Studio) (Film Lab)

Whisper 2007 (Movie)

Negative Line Up(Pacific Title & Art Studio) (Film Lab)
Other (1)

Little Monsters 1989 (Movie)

opticals (Other)