Kendall and Kylie Jenner to Pen a Science Fiction Novel

kendall, kylie jennerLook out J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer — there’s going to be a little kompetition coming your way. Kendall and Kylie Jenner have decided to expand the Kardashian empire by penning their very own science fiction novel. The reality stars made the announcement to E! News on Thursday, revealing that their upcoming novel (set to come out next summer) will be aimed at the young-adult audiences, especially those who can’t get enough of Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games collections.

Right now, they’re collaborating with co-writer Maya Sloane on the Sci-Fi story “set 200 years in the future,” meaning this could just be the first in a possible series franchise. That’s right, people — this could only be the beginning of the girls’ writing careers… you can almost hear Hemingway and Dickens rolling over in their graves right now.

But these girls aren’t the only Hollywood celebs who have tried their hand at the written word. Here’s a look back at some of Hollywood’s most… interesting… literary creations and a break down of all the madness.

Lauren Conrad

lauren conradBook Title: L.A. Candy

What It Sounds Like: A popular teenage girl clothing store.

What It’s Really About: A 19-year-old teenage girl who gets introduced to the wonders (and horrors) of finding fame in L.A.

Sample Line That Will Kill Your Soul: “It’s always better to be the dumper than the dumpee.”

Success: Topped the New York Times Best Seller list two weeks in a row.

Perfect Consumer: You grew up in a small town and dream of venturing out into the big city. You crave being in the spotlight and hate the idea of a desk job. You secretly reenact scenes from Fame in your bedroom (while using your brush a microphone, of course).


snookiBook Title: A Shore Thing

What It Sounds Like: Some type of beach creature.

What It’s Really About: Two girls enjoying everything a summer at the Jersey Shore has to offer: cool clubs, fried Oreos, lots of tequila, and, of course, hot guidos.

Sample Line That Will Kill Your Soul: “Gia danced around a little, shaking her peaches for show. She shook it hard. Too hard. In the middle of a shimmy, her stomach cramped. A fart slipped out. A loud one. And stinky.”

Success: Landed No. 24 on the New York Times Best Seller list.

Perfect Consumer: The only thing you love more than tanning and going to the beach, is drinking… lots and lots of drinking. You’re probably in college and love to party.

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian

the kardashiansBook Title: Dollhouse

What It Sounds Like: An item one could easily find at Toys R Us.

What It’s Really About: An exciting, high-profile, complicated family with a huge heart and a lot of love.

Sample Line That Will Kill Your Soul: “That girl is such a slore — honestly, she’s like one giant yeast infection.”

Success: Landed No. 15 on the New York Times Best Sellers list and No. 25 on the Publisher’s Weekly Best Seller list.

Perfect Consumer: You have (or want to have) a big family. You’re a huge reality TV buff and have even watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians episodes more than once. Your mother probably doesn’t approve of your wardrobe.

Justin Bieber

justin bieberBook Title: Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever

What It Sounds Like: The lesser known extension to the Step Up movie franchise.

What It’s Really About: A tell-all story about Bieber’s journey from small-town schoolboy to global superstar.

Sample Line That Will Kill Your Soul: “Pranks vs school= pranks win all day.”

Success: The book was on the New York Times Best Seller list five weeks in a row.

Perfect Consumer: I’m sorry to be the one to have to tell you this… but you I’m afraid you have Bieber Fever.

Bethenny Frankel

bethenny frankelBook Title: Skinnydipping

What It Sounds Like: A famous pool party activity.

What It’s Really About: The misadventures of a struggling actress and aspiring businesswoman who is in the pursuit of the female trifecta: the perfect man, job, and body.

Sample Line That Will Kill Your Soul: “My failure would make just as good TV as my success, so nobody cares whether I win or not.”

Success: Landed No. 15 on the New York Times Best Seller list.

Perfect Consumer: You’re a fun, confident person who has a tendency to wear your heart on your sleeve. Drama tends to gravitate toward you even when you don’t want it to. You love drinking margaritas.

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