New Artist Spotlight: SZA

SZARoger Kisby/Getty

Kendrick Lamar has become such a big deal over the past year or so that any name associated with his automatically gets props. SZA is a young, up-and-coming artist from New Jersey and she recently signed to Kendrick’s label TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment). To say that this girl is “dope” or “talented” would be a gross understatement. She is a breath of fresh air in a pop culture universe that generally encourages women to be either half-naked and talented, or fully-naked and talentless before they start getting recognition. From what we’ve seen and heard of SZA she is a true musician, with her own unique style that she has held onto thus far (and she is neither half-naked or fully-naked). If she must be compared to anyone, she could be aligned with someone like Solange, and she’s got a voice  reminiscent of Tweet (remember “Call Me“?) There’s even a little Corinne Bailey Rae in there too, and folks have even been comparing her to the great Frank Ocean.

Check out her latest video below for “Teen Spirit,” which premiered on Vogue last month. And get to experience more of her music HERE. With the right backing — and maybe a feature or two from her label mate Kendrick — we’re hoping that SZA is the next big thing.