Kenneth Griffith

Born: 10/12/1921


Actor (42)

Very Annie Mary 2002 (Movie)

Minister (Actor)

The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain 1995 (Movie)

Rev Robert Jones (Actor)

Four Weddings and A Funeral 1994 (Movie)

Mad Old Man (Actor)

Who Dares Wins 1981 (Movie)

Bishop Crick (Actor)

Remembrance 1980 (Movie)

Joe (Actor)

The Sea Wolves 1979 (Movie)

Wilton (Actor)

The Wild Geese 1977 (Movie)

Witty (Actor)

Sky Riders 1976 (Movie)

Wasserman (Actor)

Why Shoot the Teacher 1975 (Movie)

Inspector Woods (Actor)

Spys 1974 (Movie)

Lippet (Actor)

Revenge 1970 (Movie)

Seely (Actor)

The Assassination Bureau 1969 (Movie)

Monsieur Popescu (Actor)

The Gamblers 1969 (Movie)

Broadfoot (Actor)

The Prisoner 1967 - 1969 (TV Show)


Great Catherine 1968 (Movie)

Naryshkin (Actor)

The Lion in Winter 1968 (Movie)

Strolling Player (Actor)

The Bobo 1966 (Movie)

Pepe Gamazo (Actor)

Rotten to the Core 1964 (Movie)

Lenny (Actor)

Heavens Above! 1962 (Movie)

Rev Owen Smith (Actor)

We Joined the Navy 1962 (Movie)

Orator (Actor)

Murder Can Be Deadly 1961 (Movie)


Only Two Can Play 1960 (Movie)

Iaeun Jenkins (Actor)

The Frightened City 1960 (Movie)

Wally (Actor)

The Risk 1960 (Movie)

Dr Shole (Actor)

Expresso Bongo 1959 (Movie)

Charlie (Actor)

I'm All Right Jack 1959 (Movie)

Dai (Actor)

A Night to Remember 1958 (Movie)

Phillips (Actor)

Libel 1958 (Movie)

Fitch (Actor)

The Man Upstairs 1958 (Movie)

Mr Pollen (Actor)

The Two-Headed Spy 1958 (Movie)

Adolph Hitler (Actor)

Tiger Bay 1958 (Movie)

Choirmaster (Actor)

The Naked Truth 1957 (Movie)

Porter (Actor)

1984 1956 (Movie)

Prisoner (Actor)

Blue Murder at St. Trinian's 1956 (Movie)

Charlie Bull (Actor)

Brothers in Law 1956 (Movie)

Undertaker (Actor)

Lucky Jim 1956 (Movie)

Cyril Jones (Actor)

Private's Progress 1955 (Movie)

Private Dai Jones (Actor)

The Prisoner 1955 (Movie)

Secretary (Actor)

Berlin Tunnel 21 (TV Show)


Jane Eyre (TV Show)


Shaka Zulu (TV Show)