Kenneth Harlan

Actor, Theatrical agent, Restauranteur
Born: 07/26/1895 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Actor (44)

Klondike Fury 1941 (Movie)


Murder in the Air 1939 (Movie)


Accidents Will Happen 1938 (Movie)


Under Western Stars 1937 (Movie)


Something to Sing About 1936 (Movie)


China Clipper 1935 (Movie)


San Francisco 1935 (Movie)


The Shadow of the Eagle 1931 (Movie)


Under Montana Skies 1929 (Movie)


The Penalty 1919 (Movie)


Air Police (Movie)

Jerry (Actor)

April Showers (Movie)

Danny O'Rourke (Actor)

Black Dragons (Movie)

Colton (Actor)

Blondes at Work (Movie)

Marvin Spencer (Actor)

Bobbed Hair (Movie)

David Lacy (Actor)

Dick Tracy's G-Men (Movie)

Anderson (Actor)

Hitler: Dead or Alive (Movie)

Cutler (Actor)

Man Hunt (Movie)

Jim Davis (Actor)

Man, Woman and Wife (Movie)


Meet John Doe (Movie)

Publicity Man (Actor)

On Trial (Movie)

Mr. Trumbell (Actor)

Paradise Isle (Movie)

Johnson (Actor)

Penrod and Sam (Movie)

Gman (Actor)

Pride of the West (Movie)

Caldwell (Actor)

Public Enemy's Wife (Movie)

G-Man (Actor)

Santa Fe Marshal (Movie)

Blake (Actor)

Secret Evidence (Movie)

Billings (Actor)

The Beautiful and Damned (Movie)

Anthony (Actor)

The Case of the Velvet Claws (Movie)

Peter Milnor (Actor)

The Corpse Vanishes (Movie)

Keenan (Actor)

The Dawn Express (Movie)

Detective Brown (Actor)

The Duke of West Point (Movie)

Varsity Football Coach (Actor)

The Hoodlum (Movie)

John Graham (Actor)

The House Across the Bay (Movie)

Men in Nightclub (Actor)

The Law Rides Again (Movie)

John Hampton (Actor)

The Shadow Strikes (Movie)

Capt. Breen (Actor)

The Toll of the Sea (Movie)

Allen Carver (Actor)

The Underdog (Movie)

Eddie Mohr (Actor)

They Met in a Taxi (Movie)

Mr. Andrews (Actor)

Trail Dust (Movie)

Officer (Actor)

Wanderer of the Wasteland (Movie)


Whirlwind Horseman (Movie)

Harper (Actor)

Wide Open Town (Movie)

Tom Wilson (Actor)

Wine, Women and Horses (Movie)

Jed Bright (Actor)


Marie Prevost Actor

Married 1924, separated not long thereafter Acted together in several films including "The Beautiful and Damned," "The Married Flapper" (both 1922), and "Bobbed Hair" (1925)



stage actor