Everything We Learned from Kevin Hart’s YouTube Page

Kevin HartHartBeatProductions/YouTube

Imagine going to the movies to see About Last Night. You’re all excited because you’re about to watch Kevin Hart and the way-too attractive Michael Ealy doing their thing on the big screen. But, to your surprise, you’re not limited to seeing them on the big screen: there, in the theater, is Kevin Hart. In the flesh, right in front of you. That’s what happened to a bunch of lucky fans in Charlotte, N.C., and Hart shared the experience on his YouTube page:

We already knew that Hart was pretty amazing — good to have that confirmed again. And while we were lost in the vortex of the HartBeat Productions YouTube page, we discovered a hella NSFW cartoon version of one of his most beloved stand-up routines:

And if you really want a good time, there’s a little Chocolate Droppa, greatest rapper alive:

We understand that in 2014 there are so many ways to spend/waste countless hours on the Internet, but hanging out at HartBeatProductions is always a good idea. If you can find a living rapper more entertaining than Chocolate Droppa, we want to hear about it.