Kevin Hoppe


Visual Effects & Animation (20)

Home 2015 (Movie)

Lighter (Visual Effects)

How to Train Your Dragon 2 2014 (Movie)

Gobal Development(Dreamworks Animation Studio Management) (Visual Effects)

Space Station 76 2014 (Movie)


Turbo 2013 (Movie)

Lighting Artist (Visual Effects)

Rise of the Guardians 2012 (Movie)

Production Tester(Research and Development) (Software Engineer)

Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 (Movie)

Lighting Artist (Visual Effects)

How to Train Your Dragon 2010 (Movie)

Lighting Technical Assistant (Visual Effects)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2009 (Movie)

Matchmove Supervisor(CafeFX Inc) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

The Box 2009 (Movie)

Matchmove Supervisor(Gradient Effects) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

The Informers 2009 (Movie)

CG Artist(Gradient FX) (CGI Artist)

John Adams 2008 (Tv Show)

3-D Models

Nim's Island 2008 (Movie)

Matchmove Supervisor(CafeFX) (3-D Animator)

Evan Almighty 2007 (Movie)

3-D Matchmover(Caféfx Inc) (3-D Animator)

Ghost Rider 2007 (Movie)

3D Tracking (3-D Artist)

Spider-Man 3 2007 (Movie)

3D Matchmoving Lead(CafeFX) (3-D Artist)

The Kite Runner 2007 (Movie)

3D Matchmover(Cafe Fx Inc) (3-D Artist)

The Mist 2007 (Movie)

3D Matchmove Supervisor(CafeFX) (3-D Animator)

Snakes on a Plane 2006 (Movie)

3D Matchmover(Cafe FX) (3-D Animator)

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 2006 (Movie)

3-D Matchmover(CafeFX Inc.) (3-D Artist)

The Good Shepherd 2006 (Movie)

3-D Matchmover(CafeFX Inc.) (3-D Artist)