Kevin Paul Sheedy


Visual Effects & Animation (9)

Body of Lies 2008 (Movie)

(Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc) (Visual Effects)

Hancock 2008 (Movie)

FX Animator(Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.) (Animator)

Spider-Man 3 2007 (Movie)

FX Animator(Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc) (Animator)

Click 2006 (Movie)

Digital Effects Animation(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Digital Effects)

Monster House 2006 (Movie)

Effects Animation (Animator)

Bewitched 2005 (Movie)

Digital Effects Animation (Digital Effects)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 2005 (Movie)

Effects Animation TD(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Animation Director)

Spider-Man 2 2004 (Movie)

FX Animation Lead(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Animator)

Pocahontas 1995 (Movie)

CGI animation (CGI Artist)
Engineering, Electrical, & Grips (4)

Already Dead 2007 (Movie)


The Dead One 2007 (Movie)

(Best Boy Grip)

Wristcutters: A Love Story 2007 (Movie)

Grip/Swing (Grip)

An American Crime (TV Show)

Production Management (2)

Fantasia 2000 2000 (Movie)

(computer generated imagery) (Technical Director)

Tarzan 1999 (Movie)

(model development) (Technical Director)