Khloe Kardashian: Kanye Is Better for Kim Than Kris Humphries

ALTKanye West might be “Stronger,” but it seems he might also be better, as far as Khloe Kardashian is concerned. In fact, Khloe is quite pleased that her co-star — er, sister — Kim Kardashian has moved on from Kris Humphries to the musician. “I like Kris as a person,” Khloe told Ellen DeGeneres Tuesday, in an interview airing Wednesday. “I just did not like them together.”

Of course, it wasn’t just America who could predict alliteration-happy Kim and Kris headlines were short-lived. Khloe told DeGeneres she knew the now-divorced couple didn’t belong together. “Yeah, I was the only one to tell her,” Khloe said. “I don’t know why no one else told her that. She got mad at me. [But] I like being honest. You’ll get mad. You’ll get over it. You’re my sister there is nothing you can do. You’re stuck with me. I haven’t said that yet but, I told you so… ” 

But prepare yourself for alliteration-happy Kim and Kanye headlines. “Honestly, we’ve known Kanye forever,” Khloe told DeGeneres. “He’s been a great family friend … I think they’re cute together. I think Kim and Kanye have known each other for a long time. I think that they’re good friends and they’re compatible. I think a friendship is where good relationships stem from.” Your move, Ryan Seacrest.

Watch Khloe’s interview with Ellen below.

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[The Ellen DeGeneres Show]


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