Kid President Smooching Beyoncé Is the Cutest Thing We’ve Seen Today


What more could we want to start the week? The little boy who captured our hearts with his inspirational video, Kid President, had the chance to interview Beyoncé for World Humanitarian Day. In the video leading up to the interview, Kid President said that he was “so excited [he] could die.” Not gonna lie, we would be, too, if we were about to interview Beyoncé. What makes this interview even better is that Beyoncé is equally as excited to meet the YouTube sensation.

Even though Robby Novak (Kid President’s real name) is only 10 years old, he has the poise and articulation of a young gentleman. He asks Beyoncé the serious questions, like what her biggest inspiration is and why World Humanitarian Day is important. But Kid President gets a surprise at the end of the interview when he is invited to pucker up and give Beyoncé a kiss on the cheek! Does he have any idea how jealous every guy in the world must be of him? He got to experience what it’s like to be Jay Z for three seconds.  

The interview solidified their best friendship and ends with the two BFFLs partaking in a celebratory fist pump. Check out this amazing interview below.

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